in fast detection of forest fires

Detecting the start of a forest fire is just one of the problems that Silvanet has solved.

The other challenge was to send such information to a cloud monitoring system, although connectivity in a forest is often nonexistent. Silvanet could not rely on cellular networks, so the choice of connectivity fell on LoRaWAN because it works in the middle of nowhere.

In fact, Silvanet uses custom gateways that work on an STM32U5. One is a LoRa mesh gateway, which extends the LoRaWAN network deep into the forest. The other is a border gateway that provides backhaul using a 4G/LTE modem with a 2G/GPRS fallback. There is also integrated satellite connectivity using SpaceX’s Swarm.

Silvanet has no extension limits

A fire sensor typically covers a hectare of forest, and the mesh gateway can be used to extend the network as needed while using the border gateway with connectivity to send messages to the cloud.

The sensors are classified IP67 to withstand thunderstorms and support temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +85ºC. This is possible because Silvanet sensors and gateways have no ports or connectors. They all use a robust plastic housing. As a fundamental requirement, a firmware update mechanism via ether has been implemented. Consequently, products can receive patches to fix bugs or update the machine learning application to improve fire detection.


Silvanet detects fires within minutes, allowing for quick action to prevent their spread and protect forests, wildlife, and people.


Effectively monitor and manage forest fire risks, reducing the need for costly and laborious manual monitoring operations.


Preventing large-scale fires can save public entities millions of euros in firefighting and restoration operations.


By helping to prevent and manage fire outbreaks, Silvanet contributes to a more climate-resilient future.


Early detection of fires can save millions of animals from perishing and protect countless vital natural habitats.


Our solar-powered sensors last 10-15 years without maintenance or batteries. Updates are installed via radio (over-the-air).

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