Forest fire alarm and management

Information hub and automated alert dispatch in case of forest fire detection.


silvanet cloud per il rilevamento ultraveloce degli incendi boschivi


Silvanet Cloud platform is a cloud-based platform that acquires data transmitted by the Silvanet sensor network through Mesh Gateway and Border Gateway. It connects to the Silvanet Site Management app, which is a web application, as well as the Silvanet Deployment app, which runs on a smartphone. The data acquired and served by Silvanet Cloud is accessible wherever a user has access to the internet.

Each Borevit customer is provided with their own username and password to access Silvanet Cloud. Registered users have access to a Silvanet Cloud Client, which is a collection of “Sites” (a “Site” is the geographical area where a network of Silvanet sensors and gateways is distributed to monitor the forest. Using your username and password, you are granted access to all the sites you are registered for).

Each site is scalable to allow the addition of multiple Silvanet devices and additional users. Typically, a customer has only one site, but customers can also have multiple geographically distributed sites.

Silvanet cloud integration

Each user interacts with the Silvanet Cloud Platform and, by extension, with the distributed sensors and gateways, using two apps: one based on the web and the other an app running on the user’s smartphone.

The Silvanet Site Management app ( is accessible via a browser and is used to plan deployments and view environmental data from all sensors at a site. It also shows whether any devices are active, inactive, or have detected a fire.

The Dryad Deployment app is used to deploy Silvanet sensors and gateways to the planned location of these devices.


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