Extends the Silvanet network to implement sensors on a large scale in vast forest areas

Messages from the forest fire sensors jump from Mesh to Mesh until they reach the Border, the cloud, and finally notify the ongoing fire alarm.


mesh getaway per la trasmissione del segnale di allarme negli incendi boschivi
mesh getaway silvanet

Mesh Gateway

The Silvanet Mesh Gateway extends the forest fire sensor network to large deployments beyond the range of the standard single-hop direct connection between sensors and gateways in standard LoRaWAN networks. The architecture, pending patent, uses a multi-hop mesh network of gateways interconnected with LoRa, and each serves as a standard LoRaWAN gateway for Silvanet forest fire sensors and third-party sensors.

Solar-powered Mesh Gateways are positioned in the forest itself, forming a mesh network with a typical distance of 2-6 km depending on the topology and physical placement of the Mesh Gateways. The Mesh Gateway uses only LoRa radio to communicate with other Mesh Gateways or a Border Gateway.

It does not require direct 4G/LTE radio or Ethernet connectivity and ensures low energy consumption supported by the integrated solar panel.

* When the connection is direct, it is called single-hop, otherwise multi-hop

Distinctive features

Technical characteristics


Each forest has its own uniqueness. Different topology, difficult terrain, mountains, valleys, and any feature that blocks transmissions are some of the many challenges that quality connectivity must face.

However, the Mesh network uses LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) to overcome transmission obstacles within a forest. LoRaWAN is a technology based on LoRa, a patented frequency modulation ideal for low-power WAN networks such as those required by Silvanet.

Silvanet forest fire sensor signal repeaters

Solar-powered signal repeater for ultra-early detection of forest fires.


Size: 56 x 30 x 4 cm
Weight: 2,8 kg
Solar Panel: 50 x 25 cm
Operational Temperature: -40 to +85
Operational Humidity: 0% to 100% Condensing
Ingress Protection: IP64
Material Plastic: (Weather, UV-proof)


Maintenance: maintenance-free (10-15 yr)
Mesh Gateway to Border Gateway (Ratio): typically 20 Mesh Gateways per 1 Border Gateway
Mesh Gateway to Sensor (Ratio): typically 100 sensors per Gateway, depending on topology
Max distance between Mesh Gateways: 2-6 km, depending on topology and placement of Gateways
Power source: solar-powered, battery-free
Energy Storage: supercapacitors
Installation: mounted on pole or attached to a tree


ISM Bands: NA902-928, AU915
Receive Channels: 4
ISM Bands: EU868, AS923 Transmit Channels: 1
Tx Power: 22dBm
Antenna connection: N-Type


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