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The race against fire: the revolution of rapid detection of forest fires thanks to the Silvanet system.

Detecting forest fires

In the vast and delicate balance of the earth’s ecosystem, the threat of forest and wildfires represents a significant challenge. The speed with which we can detect and respond to forest fires is essential to mitigate their destructive effects. In this context, we face a crucial challenge: how can we detect forest fires quickly and effectively to contain the damage as much as possible?

The time factor in forest fires

Rapid detection of forest fires is essential for various reasons. First of all, the faster firefighters and civil protection are informed of a fire, the greater the chances that it can be suppressed before it becomes uncontrollable. In the case of small fires, sometimes a single fire engine is enough to end the threat.

However, depending on the weather conditions and the type of vegetation involved, a small fire can turn into a gigantic forest fire the size of a football field in just 30 minutes. This makes it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to contain it without substantial fire support.

Limitations of Traditional Detection Methods

Traditional methods of fire detection, such as human surveillance and the use of cameras and satellites, have been found to be imperfect and inefficient. Human surveillance, for example, requires an individual to spot the smoke plume of a fire from a considerable distance, which implies that the fire is already significantly developed, thus limiting the effectiveness of firefighting operations.

Optical cameras and satellites, on the other hand, suffer from the same limitations. They cannot see through tree cover and do not work at night, thus reducing their value as early detection tools.

Borevit’s innovative solution:
the Silvanet system

Silvanet represents a revolutionary solution to forest fires. With the Silvanet system, a technology for detecting forest fires has been developed that overcomes all the limitations of traditional systems: from detection speed, to the problem of power supply, to the possibility of developing networks in areas not covered by the mobile network system.

Silvanet is designed to detect fires within the first 60 MINUTES of their start (when flames have not yet developed), offering a crucial advantage over traditional approaches that require hours or even days to detect fires.

The key to Silvanet’s success lies in the use of gas sensors powered by solar energy, positioned directly in the forest. These sensors detect changes in the atmosphere, allowing fires to be detected during the combustion phase, even under the dense canopy of trees. This means that fires can be detected before they develop into uncontrollable fires.

The Mesh IoT network of Silvanet

In addition to its ability to quickly detect forest fires, offers significant potential. This network can be extended deep into forests and woods, where traditional telecommunications networks cannot reach.

This not only contributes to the ultra-fast detection of forest fires but also opens the door to a range of other applications, including tree health monitoring, weather monitoring, emergency communications, and deforestation detection.

Rapid detection of forest fires has always been a difficult and complex challenge, but Silvanet has shown that it is possible to address it in an innovative and effective way. Speed is essential in the fight against forest fires, and Silvanet is opening up new perspectives for the protection of our forests and woods, the environment, and communities. The revolution of early fire detection has begun, and the future looks brighter thanks to this cutting-edge technology.

The immediate intervention of firefighting teams is of fundamental importance for several reasons:

Containment of the fire in the initial phase: Acting promptly allows to tackle the fire while it is still confined in an initial phase. This makes it easier and safer to control the flames before they spread rapidly and become difficult to manage.

Minimization of damage: Rapid intervention can limit the size and intensity of the fire, reducing the damage caused to forests, flora, wildlife, properties, and surrounding infrastructure.

Protection of communities: Forest fires can threaten the safety of people who live or work nearby. Prompt action can help prevent dangers to human life and protect communities from forced evacuations and emergency situations.

Preservation of the environment: Forests are precious natural resources that play a vital role in the ecological balance. Rapid intervention helps preserve these habitats, avoiding irreparable losses of flora and fauna, and contributing to the conservation of biodiversity.

Reduction of CO2 emissions: Forest fires are a significant source of CO2 emissions, a greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. Responding promptly to contain fires can reduce the release of CO2 into the atmosphere, helping in the fight against global warming.

Economic savings: Forest fires cause significant economic damage to properties, natural resources, and the forestry industry. Rapid action by firefighting teams can help reduce the costs associated with emergency management and environmental restoration.

Prevention of more severe fires: Fires that are not addressed promptly can become uncontrollable, putting not only the directly affected areas at risk but also vast surrounding areas. Prompt intervention reduces the risk of more extensive and destructive fires.

Support for firefighting operations: Rapid intervention facilitates the organization of firefighting teams and available resources, optimizing firefighting operations and increasing the chances of success in containing the fire.

In summary, the immediate intervention of firefighting teams is essential to protect the environment, communities, and natural resources, as well as to mitigate the negative impacts of forest fires on the climate and the economy. Timely response and prevention are key tools in fire management and the conservation of our natural heritage.

This solution aims to prevent economic damage, safeguard human lives, and protect the environment.


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